Clear Signal headphones are products which are developed out of years of experience and expertise in the field of metal detecting. Clear Signal makes use of very high quality components for the production of Clear Signal head phones. All parts are being tested by very high-skilled quality inspectors, as well as before as after the production process. We managed to develop a long-lasting and durable quality product for the demanding metal detector user. By using extreme sensitive components a Clear Signal Headphone will produce a sound on the smallest signal you receive with your detector. Signals that are normally to week for your detector to produce a sound, will be hearable with a Clear Signal. The audio cord of the head phone is suited with a special shield. This leads to modern high-quality headphones for a very long lasting durability.

The popularity of Clear Signal is also due to the fact that de demands of the detector user are being taken into the development of the CS products. So you will be up to date concerning signal analyses.

We have managed to develop a high quality and durable product for the demanding metal detector user. We have developed high quality ear shells with super sensitive elements like electronic and ABS components. The audio cord of the head Phone is suited with a special shield and a rectangular 6.35 mm stereo plug. This advanceness stipulated a headphone of a very high quality and durability.

Every Clear Signal produces a very bright and clear signal with a minimum of volume, which is of very high importance when detecting very small and weak signals. The Clear Signal is it’s time way ahead and a must for every metal detector user.