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Regton Metal Detectors Regton Metal Detectors
Welcome to our wonderful world of metal detecting.
We have designed this website to help you choose the perfect detector for you. Whether you are treasure hunting for fun or are a more experienced detectorist, we can help you find that hidden treasure. We have a wide range of metal detectors from manufactures worldwide such as Garrett, XP metal detectors, Scanmaster, Whites, Viking, C.Scope, Tesoro & Laser. So if you are looking for a discount metal detector or a top of the range detector, this is the web site for you. We also supply many metal detecting accessories such as books, coils, trowels & second hand detectors.

You could also visit our shop in Birmingham, the largest metal detector shop in the UK. All of the major Metal Detector brands are available in our extensive showroom in Birmingham. Some of the detectors on display include the new XP Deus and our best seller; the Garrett Ace 250. You can come and try one of the detectors out at any time during our opening hours in the largest metal detector shop in the UK.

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Regton Metal Detectors
0121 359 2379
Regton Ltd
82 Cliveland Street
Birmingham, B19 3SN

Fax: 0121 359 7975