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Detecnicks Ltd
Detecnicks Ltd are an established multi-line dealer in the UK where they are in their 19th year of trading.

Stockist of all major manufacturer products, we are a family run business who are all metal detectorists and like to put our customers first. Impartial advice is always available.

Nick and Laura Charman have been involved with Detecnicks from its birth in 1996.

We operate the shop in Fontwell West Sussex, just off the A27/A29 Junction at Fontwell racecourse, where our aim is to provide the most suitable detector in a price range to suit you. We are available at the end of the telephone or e-mail to give you information to help you make your decision. Of course we are in business to make a living, but we want you to do is come back to us for any accessories you require and this means that our policy is to give you what YOU want and not what we may want to sell you.

We have been joined in our enterprise by our son Luke.

If you call in during the week, Laura is available to give advice and at the weekends Nick is available as well.
He is also able to ring you during the week with his opinion if required.

The perfect detector is a myth, if there was one perfect machine all the other manufacturers would be out of business. Some offer facilities that require a degree to operate them, others are "switch on and go", you get what you want from a machine when you talk to us.

Opening Hours: 10.00 - 5.00pm

Closed on Sundays & Bank Holidays


For recent price lists, service and warranty please refer to Detecnicks our English dealer.

Detecnicks Ltd
Laura Charman
3 Orchard Crescent
Arundel Road Fontwell
West Sussex BN18 0SD England

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